About FlammablePants

I created this site because I wanted a more centralized way to track news stories that are getting debunked or verified.

This site is not affiliated with any of the sources that created the summaries on this site. This site only includes publicly available summaries from the original sites – all of the useful details are only available from the original source, which is why these summaries link back to the original sites. The main purpose of this site is to save me time in becoming more informed about what’s happening in the world. If I’m the only person who uses this site, that’s fine by me!

This site has no advertising or tracking, and as long as I maintain it I will not use any adtech, tracking, or analytics. See the privacy policy for more details. The tl;dr version: adtech is an invasive species. Avoid it whenever possible.

The content for this site is collected and organized via an ugly and hackish python script. I’m not a developer, I should not write code, but hey, here we are. The code is available under an open source license on github. Feel free to laugh, adapt it, use it as a cautionary tale, or what have you.

The original sources for this site are listed below in alphabetical order. I have included links back to each site, and a link back to donation or subscription pages when applicable. Support these organizations. Fact checks are essential, and they cost money to do well.






USA Today