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The Army-Navy Football Chant That Wasn’t

Published 12/13/2023 18:52
Army cadets rhythmically cheered to the beat of the military band during the annual Army-Navy football game on Dec. 9. The cheer was captured in a viral video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. Some versions of the video circulating on social media sites have been dubbed over to falsely claim that the cadets were chanting “f— Joe Biden.” They weren’t.

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Meme Makes Misleading Comparison to Cast Doubt on Climate Change

Published 12/08/2023 23:15
The Earth is warming at the fastest rate seen in the last 10,000 years, according to NASA, and the consensus among climate scientists is that human activity is causing the change. But a meme on social media tries to undermine the reality of climate change by misrepresenting the views and media coverage of a climatologist popular among those who believe climate change is a “hoax.”

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Fact Check: Joe Biden did not call for ‘violence and chaos’

Published 12/12/2023 20:07
A clip of U.S. President Joe Biden quoting former Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway when she said violence in U.S. cities would aid Trump’s re-election has been taken out of context in a video used to promote the sale of flags for Trump’s 2024 campaign.

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