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A Video Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

Published 12/22/2023 12:17
We celebrate our 20th anniversary with a video that looks back at some noteworthy televised mentions of — including citations from politicians, such as Sens. John Kerry and John McCain, and comedians Bill Maher, John Oliver and Jon Stewart. We hope you enjoy it.

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Posts Use Transposed Mugshot of Epstein to Target Kamala Harris

Published 12/21/2023 20:36
A federal judge has ordered the release of documents that will identify scores of accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. The order has led many social media users to share a digitally manipulated image that purports to show Vice President Kamala Harris posing with Epstein. The original photo showed Harris with her husband, Douglas Emhoff.

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Post Spreads Misleading Information About Texas Abortion Case

Published 12/20/2023 21:54
Kate Cox petitioned to be allowed to have an abortion in Texas to “protect her life, health, and future fertility,” after receiving news that her baby was unlikely to survive, according to her court filing. A popular Instagram post misrepresented Cox’s specific case and also made misleading claims about trisomy 18, the condition affecting her pregnancy.

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Fact Check: US Marines Did NOT Kick FEMA Out of Tennessee

Published 12/21/2023 21:21
Did U.S. Marines “kick … out” the Federal Emergency Management Agency from Tennessee following a disaster recent as of December 21, 2023? No, that’s not true: A FEMA representative told Lead Stories, “FEMA teams are on the ground in Tennessee…

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Fact Check: Tyson Foods deal with Protix will not result in insects in human food

Published 12/22/2023 16:56
An October 2023 press release announcing a partnership between meat processing company Tyson Foods and insect ingredients supplier Protix has been misrepresented online to falsely claim that it is evidence of insects being added to food for people. A Tyson Foods spokesperson said the deal would not impact any food products meant for human consumption.

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