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Posts Spread False Claim About Moderna Patent Application

Published 11/22/2023 18:41
The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines — like many other vaccines — can contain small amounts of DNA left over from the manufacturing process. There’s no evidence this residual DNA causes “turbo cancer,” or very aggressive cancer. Nor did Moderna admit that “mRNA Jabs Cause Turbo-Cancer,” contrary to an online article that misconstrues a line from a patent application.

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Unpacking Democratic Ad Attacking DeSantis, Florida Abortion Law

Published 11/22/2023 18:01
An ad from a political action committee tied to California Gov. Gavin Newsom claims that a law signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would subject women who get an abortion after six weeks to felony charges. DeSantis’ campaign calls the claim “a lie.” We look at what the law says — and doesn’t say — that has caused some concern and confusion.

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Cruz Distorts Facts on Biden Support for Israel

Published 11/21/2023 19:54
In a Fox News interview about the Israel-Hamas war, Sen. Ted Cruz said “literally from within minutes of when this horrific attack began on Oct. 7, the Biden White House has been telling Israel, do not retaliate, cease-fire, stop, do not kill the terrorists.” But the Texas Republican has thin support for his claim.

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Fact Check: Bathing In Epsom Salts Is NOT ‘Highly Toxic’

Published 11/22/2023 20:50
Is bathing with Epsom salts highly toxic? No, that’s not true: Toxicology experts told Lead Stories the claim that bathing with Epsom salts are toxic is “completely false” and “there is no toxicity associated with salt.” Poison control agencies such…

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Fact Check: UN has not been granted ‘powers to regulate all internet content’

Published 11/22/2023 08:20
The United Nations has not been granted “powers to regulate all internet content,” as claimed in an article circulating online. The article cites a report published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November that outlines guidelines on governing the internet as proof. But this report grants no such authority to the U.N.

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Fact Check: No evidence convicted Jan. 6 protester is a federal agent

Published 11/21/2023 20:37
A photo of a protester who was convicted for participating in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has been shared in online posts that claim, without evidence, that it shows a federal agent. In the photo, he is holding what appears to be a vape, not a federal agent badge.

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